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NAILCRUST 5D GLASS #4 Stained Glass

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​NAILCRUST 5D GLASS are decorative nail sliders with incrustation for creating full-volume 5D nail designs.

The fashion prints with the top fall-winter motifs: colorful snowflakes, Christmas and New Year decorations, twinkling patterns, and abstractions.
How to apply?

Apply a decorative nail coating using E.MiLac for the natural nails or using gel paints for the artificial nails. Apply E.MiLac Slider Top Gel. LED/CCFL 30 sec-1 min, UV 2 min.
Cut out the necessary decorative element and dip it in water for a few seconds. Remove the paper backside, apply the Nailcrust 5D Glass slider on the nail surface, and smooth. Let it dry for 30 sec in a lamp.
If a decorative slider is placed in the center of the nail, then it will be enough to apply ULTRABOND on the slider. Use a nail file on the sides and nail ends, when the decorative slider exceeds the nail end. Apply ULTRABOND around the nail plate to dissolve the decorative slider's residues and remove them from the nail cuticles, nail walls and nail free-edge area using a wooden nail stick. For a better adhesion, apply ULTRABOND on the entire nail surface and let it air dry for 1-2 minutes.
Coat with E.MiLac Ultra Shine Top Gel or E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel. Use a thin brush to eliminate any excessive top coat from the glassy elements, and cure in LED/CCFL 2 min, UV 2 min. In case you used E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel, coat the glassy decorative elements, after having cured them, with E.MiLac Ultra Shine Top Gel and cure in LED/CCFL 2 min, UV 2 min.